Development Updates

Please see the pictures and updates showing the progress of works on site below. We'll be updating these regularly as the project progresses.

Update December 2018

The internal plastering is now almost complete and the second fixes have commenced. Kitchen and bathroom units are currently being fitted while wall and floor tiles are being laid throughout the units.  Outside the decking has been laid on the roof terrace and the paving around the building will commence soon.

Update February 2018

We have now completed reduced level dig, site clearance and piling. All 45 piles went in last week and the work was completed ahead of schedule. Work on the foundation will commence this coming week.

Update March 2018

The final stage of groundworks including installation of the drainage and development of the foundation have taken place. Steel raft structure started.

Update April 2018

Concrete has been poured to complete the ground floor slab. The structure is now starting to be built up from the ground and the building shell is taking shape.

Update May 2018

Steel frame started and the bricks laid up to the first floor of the structure.

Update June 2018

Ground floor structure completed. Works started on the first floor

July 2018

Works to first floor started and completed.

August 2018

Second floor installed, external walls mostly completed and staircases installed. Plumbing and electrical first fix commenced on ground floor and screed incorporating underfloor heating installed.

September 2018

Third Floor concrete placed, parapet for apartment 6 begun. Electricial first fix complete, bathrooms and kitchens ordered.

October 2018

Top floor penthouse structure completed, roof and internal partitions mostly finished, underfloor heating installed and installation of gas, water and electrical connections underway

November 2018

Building watertight, External windows and doors installed, Zinc roof completed, mechanical first fix completed, internal finishes commenced.

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